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BOTOX® not only diminishes the appearance of any wrinkles and fine lines you may have, but it may also prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming. Whether you had BOTOX in the past or you’re interested in starting treatment, the team of aesthetic professionals at Central Park Aesthetique in the Midtown Manhattan in New York City is ready for you. Call the office or book an appointment using the online booking agent.

Botox Q & A

How does BOTOX reduce signs of aging?

When injected, BOTOX relaxes the muscles and smooths out the skin to prevent folding that produces lines and wrinkles. This not only reduces the lines you already have, but it also prevents new and deeper lines from forming.

BOTOX is one of the most popular procedures at Central Park Aesthetique. The team of highly trained aesthetic specialists injects only small amounts of BOTOX into specific muscles to reduce signs of aging without affecting your natural facial expressions. BOTOX isn’t a numbing agent, so you won’t lose any feeling in the muscle.

Some patients express concern about injecting a toxin into their body, but BOTOX is safe. More than a million people have enjoyed the benefits of BOTOX to improve their appearance.

The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes. Once you’re done, you can go back to your usual routine and even apply makeup. However, the aesthetic specialists at Central Park Aesthetique may recommend putting off your workout for at least two hours following the injection.

How long does BOTOX take to work?

It may take 3-7 days for you to notice a difference in your appearance after receiving BOTOX injections, but the effects last up to four months and sometimes longer.

The good news is, once you start to notice the fine lines and wrinkles returning, you can come in for another set of injections. Continuing to treat lines and wrinkles with BOTOX causes the muscle to thin, so the results last longer and longer after each treatment.  

What do BOTOX injections treat?

The aesthetic specialists at Central Park Aesthetique use BOTOX injections to treat:

  • Crow’s feet and bunny lines
  • Frown lines and lip lines
  • Neck rings

BOTOX injections not only treat wrinkles on your face, but the lines on your neck as well.

The team at Central Park Aesthetique also uses BOTOX to fix a gummy smile — a smile that shows more gum than teeth. BOTOX injections can also soften the jawline.

If you’re ready for your next BOTOX injection or looking to start treatment, call or book an appointment online with one of the specialists at Central Park Aesthetique.